America Gearing Up for WWIII with Iran – Time is Running Out

The classic lines we have all heard before (in case you had already forgot) “We’re not looking for war, we are ready to negotiate peacefully… The worlds preference is for a diplomatic solution… We are taking all steps required… God forbid the need to act occurs, the world needs to know we did everything in our power, we did everything that could be reasonably expected not to go war” are being sang from from Vice President Biden earlier this month at an annual AIPAC gathering. Ironically this comes right after we flew 2 US Stealth Bombers over to the Korean Peninsula – Dropped fake bombs during a drill – and flew back… Now we say we are looking for peace, does that sound like a peaceful gesture to you? I wrote a post about the dangers of going to war with Iran and predicted a few things which now have come true – you can read the original article here:

President Obama in Press Conference w/ Israel Prime Minister warns Iran about possible War

President Barack Obama went to Israel for a conference where some statements were made which prompted a somehow hostile response from Iran. Biden takes that response and uses it as a pretext to lay down the same psychological mind state that was played upon us in the Iraq war. Clearly we see the same intelligence apparatus which brought us the “Iraq weapons of mass destruction” theory which we know now is complete hogwash. Why are we as a country so ready to go into another war in the Middle East? I am a proud American – I do not want to see any of our brothers and sisters die in another senseless war which it motivated by a preemptive strike on a country which can actually defend itself.

        News agencies are stirring the war cry w/ rhetoric like “Time is running out for a peaceful solution”

Do I need to replay videos leading up to the war with Iraq of how we got into that ridiculous fiasco? Will we just stand by again whilst reporters tell us that war is practically imminent with Iran, so therefore it must be so… I sincerely hope not. All I ask is that if you are one of the individuals whom has your mind already made up about it being a good decision to preemptively strike Iran on its own soil, read this & go out and do your own research based on the questions posed here… I also have one other article on this site you can search for by using the keyword “Iran”


Americas Military Bases around Iran on a Map

Lets just keep this in mind first and foremost. The same Government whom gave us the intelligence of Weapons of Mass destruction being in Iraq, thus giving reason to why we need to go to war with Iraq. Now, 10 years later we know that the intelligence was 100% false and made up by cutting and pasting / changing certain keywords such as “has shown interest in…” to “is actively pursuing”. We as Americans need to take this opportunity to differentiate between Iran (the government) & Iran (the people)”If war breaks out it wont last long because we will rub their noses in the dirt”

Watch this video, this is the same one i posted in my other article, do you see some similarities? Fast forward to around 12 minutes into the video w/ callers coming into George Galloway’s radio station – Do you see what I am saying… This is the exact same thing – Over and Over — Hook, Line & Sinker. Why are so many people indifferent to whether or not we attack Iran? Have we really become that ignorant to the difference between Iran & Iraq? Because they are like Apples & Oranges, they are two totally different regimes & if we do invade first – employing our ‘strategic strikes’, which as George so eloquently puts it is just code for large amounts of high explosives reigning down on peoples heads, then I think we deserve the retaliation from Iran in response to an attack like that.



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