Death Toll Reaches 337 in Gaza Today & Campaign Continues

more than 2500+ have been injured or wounded Israeli ‘strategic’ air strike Campaign killed more than 25 people across Gaza today alone, among them children, raising the toll in 12 days of violence to 337 confirmed


As another day comes to a close in Palestine – more than 2,500 Palestinians have been wounded in the recent Israeli ‘strategic’ air strike & shelling campaigns. Israel says that these attacks on Palestine, which lets not forget has No standing army what so ever, are to quell an uprising in Gaza where rocket fire has been coming from.  0009415e-642

Can anyone honestly say that the appropriate course of action, in response to terrorist cell rocket attacks, is to then murder 340+ Palestinians, more than three quarters of which are innocent women & children killed in their own homes / neighborhoods.

Quick Stat Recap for this particular campaign Israel is launching:

►PALESTINE: 340+ Dead / 2,500+ wounded or injured

►ISRAEL: 1 dead (soldier killed by friendly fire)



So the question is, what is the goal of such horrific attacks against what would amount to an ant picking a fight with an elephant. Israel is one of the largest Nuclear powers besides the united states, how long will innocent women & children pay for the sins of their fathers with their lives?


We will bring you the latest news on this story as it unfolds – We remain continued to the liberation of all oppressed peoples & truly hope peace is within view on the horizon for both Palestine & Israel.


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