Flippa vs Freemarket: 10 Things You Probably Don’t Know

Flippa vs Freemarket in 2015?

Flippa vs Freemarket in 2015 ReviewHands down at this point I would choose Freemarket over Flippa any day of the week. The site has gained substantially enough traction / potential buyers through internal funnel of promo via Freelancer + word of mouth seems to be carrying Freemarket even further off into the horizon.
I have had a ridiculous success over at Freemarket for whatever reason – Sites which I would list on Flippa for endless months, watching almost zero organic traffic creep onto the sales page via Flippa search. Even when bidders do come onto your auction, Flippa has an unusually high number of active scammers / questionable individuals whom if you are not careful, can rob you blind while you thought Flippa would provide some sort of intermediary support, they do not & thousands of honest sellers / buyers loose their $$ or their websites/domains every year because of this, do a little google searching on the very subject i just described and you will see it is one of Flippas well kept secrets. So Buyer (& seller ironically) beware when using Flippa. At least if you are an average person with a budget who will rely primarily on self promotional means in order to arbitrage potential buyers to your auction.

If you have $500 bucks to throw at a 50/50 chance you will sell the site, then Flippa is still for you. If however you are looking for a marketplace which still respects both Buyer & Seller by protecting them in the transaction above all else, whilst genuinely taking time for the attention of detail required in order for you to meet your goals buying/selling on the site….

Freemarket vs Flippa Review
I know this probably sounds like a jaded rant against Flippa due to my sites not selling but i can rest re assure you that is not the case. I sold plenty of sites on Flippa – but also plenty no-sales as well. And overall the entire experience w/ flippa from their support to the endless upgrade push they do on you during your auctions lifespan… sucked. I had a (at the time $2,500) starter site stolen out from underneath me during a Flippa transaction, which turned into an absolute nightmare but was where i learned a very valuable lesson about Flippa. At the end of the day, They could give a sh*t less about you or your sites or whether or not they sell, everyone is still going to flood Flippa (at least for the time being) so they simply abandoned their former model of being a marketplace which focused on the overall experience between buyers/sellers to that of a crude CPA Marketing campaign constantly trying to gouge another $20 bucks out of you before you simply give up. You will never be able to compete with the exposure given to premium listing or the obvious value of the premium listing domains themselves – its just not going to happen. Almost all of the prime time has been snatched up and what is bought and sold now is mostly on account of a subjective basis of true value – meaning the property is simply worth whatever someone motivated is willing to pay for it.

But hey… Don’t take my word for it ► Freemarket

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