Incurable H1N1 Strain Now on the Lose in Wisconsin

Professor Yoshihiro Kawaoka (University of Wisconsin-Madison) has
created new strain of the 2009 swine flu virus – which has no cure

Professor Yoshihiro Kawaoka of University of Wisconsin-Madison
Professor Yoshihiro Kawaoka

Who is this Professor Death (Yoshihiro Kawaoka)?

     So a little known, very well funded & scarcely secured professor mutates the H1N1 strain into an incurable nightmare, even his collegues disgusted and distanced themselves from him immediately due to his questionable at best ideology

       I am sure during the meeting where Professor Kawaoka got approval to do the research from his lab, he negated to disclose the fact that there are about 50 other known methods for accomplishing the kind of examination of the mutation properties of H1N1 outside of the restrictions currently imposed on it by our own natural defense line. Shame on him for being so audacious enough to carry out such an irresponsible path during the course of this work. I have, and suggest those whom feel the need should email the Professor your thoughts on the subject here: 

6 million people die in spanish influenza
Newspaper from 1918

Don’t forget your history!

     Remember in 1918 5% of the population disappeared because of a hand made hybrid of flu strain & was considered one of the worst natural disasters in the world.That same virus was no random mutation of  Nature — it to, like our brilliant Prof Kawaoka’s strain was man-made as well, produced by a totally unknown & recluse of a professor at a university deep in the heart of the U.S. – Also Ironic is the funding sources, although different names are now used, remain the same.

     I hate to sound like that guy with tin foil on his head, but can you imagine the first pharmaceutical company that could pull off a stunt like create the virus, let it take effect & then of course in the midst of chaos, eureka! they would roll out the vaccine probably having been  on ice for months before the outbreak, and then laugh all the way back to the bank. Think about it, the worlds population has more than doubled since the first time a pandemic has occurred like this, so if you do the math on that, roughly 400,000,000 would be expected dead if similar circumstances were to be repeated. That is allot of vaccine $$ :/

‘If society understood what was going on they would say “What the  F are you doing?!” ’ Professor Simon Wain-Hobsonof the Virology Department  / Pasteur Institute in Paris


the incurable strain of h1n1 made by Professor Yoshihiro Kawaoka

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