MEGAUPLOAD shutdown by FBI and Owners of network Arrested on multiple charges

Megaupload dot com boasts the title of the worlds largest file sharing website, with just under 4% of the total traffic on the internet, coming to Megaupload at least once. Today the giant was shut down by the FBI on multiple charges of fraud, money laundering, breach of copyright offenses in the United States and Racketeering. Seven people have been arrested so far including the company’s founder, 37-year-old Kim Schmitz, 38-year-old Finn Batato from Germany, 35-year-old Julius Bencko from Slovakia, 39-year-old Sven Echternach from Germany, 40-year-old Mathias Ortmann from Germany, 32-year-old Andrus Nomm from Estonia and 29-year-old Bram van der Kolk [...]